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Alphacam is the leading CAM solution for wood, metal, stone and composite components providing to axis through to 5-axis programming solution. the emphasis behind the development of Alphacam is to provide our customers with Productivity, Realibility, Flexibility. Improving these attributes in any company will increase Profitability. Southeast Asia country is cover by Alphacam Southeast Asia .


AlphaCAM is a comprehensive and fully-featured CAD / CAM system for the Microsoft Windows platforms. Offering the ability to integrate fully with other systems and connect to any CNC machine, thus LICOM Alpha CAM represents the total CAD / CAM solution. AlphaCAM consists of:

AlphaWood Pro: The AlphaWOOD Pro module is the ideal solution for the manufacturer who works with complex 3D machining strategies along with the functionality of the lower specificatiom modules. and tools. The along with the functionality of the lower specification modules. 

Metalworking: Which involve the AlphaMACHINIST, a range of packaged programs based on our AlphaCAM products, designed to suit the needs of a multi function workshop. By packaging the programs to cover Turn-ing, Milling and Wire (EDM) we are able to cover the range of services a modern workshop would offer

Alphastone: The AlphaSTONE modules have been specifically developed to address the unique challenges encountered when machining marble and stone. Any configuration of machine, from simple 2 axis to complex 5 axis, is supported, as well as all the specific cutter types used within the industry.

Alphaedit: A multi-window text editor specifically designed for NC programmers is included with every Alphacam module. Alphaedit can be used to make changes to a part program generated in Alphacam, and offers standard text editor features such as search and replace, etc, plus NC-specific features, such as line renumbering, program comparison, etc. The editor can be used to print out operator sheets for the workshop, showing the operation list with operation types, tools and cycle times which are automatically generated by all Alphacam modules. Additionally, connector I/O is included to allow transfer of program to and from machines. Formats for all controllers can be set by the user.
















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