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Vero Software becomes Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence





We are pleased to announce, from 7th January 2019, Vero Software will be part of the Production Software business of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, along with FASys and SPRING Technologies - adopting Hexagon's corporate identity.

The formation of the Production Software business reflects Hexagon's broadening expertise in the production technology space.




From 7th January 2019 the branding on our websites will change to the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence branding. All website addresses will remain the same except for, which will become part of the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence website.



Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division helps industrial manufacturers develop the disruptive technologies of today and the life-changing products of tomorrow. As a leading metrology and manufacturing solution specialist, our expertise in sensing, thinking and acting – the collection, analysis and active use of measurement data – gives our customers the confidence to increase production speed and accelerate productivity while enhancing product quality.





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